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Financial Literacy Sessions

80% of the women in India are considered financially illiterate. 62 percent of Indian women, either do not own a bank account or have limited access to banking services.  And even fewer women independently invest.

While these numbers are dismal, there is a lot of work that's being done to improve this situation. We, at Naarivad offer a series of financial literacy sessions, that cover the basics of finance  (including Investments, Taxation, etc) and help you simplify your entry into the world of finance. 

Interested in conducting these sessions at your institution? Email us at for more details! 

Feedback & Reviews

Average satisfaction of our customers

Thank you so much!! I feel informed and supported. I had no idea of how taxes worked at all before this.

- Aditi

this was so so nice!! especially as a woman no one has ever taught me about this stuff and its really daunting to begin studying about this, thanks!

- Soumya 

It was super helpful, I'm looking forward to more of these in the future :) Thank you!

- Nethraa

Very cute and very easy to understand!

- Shivangi

It was an amazing sesh. Go team NAARIVAD. Plussss, lovely presentation.

- Tushita

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